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 Like many small schools in rural India, Rohini school has dedicated staff and keen students, but limited resources. The  original school building was a simple lattice-weave wooden structure, cool in summer but unusable during the five-month monsoon season.                                            

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 Through our local contacts in Siliguri we were made aware of the situation and of the plans for a new building, weatherproof and with electricity and proper toilet facilities. We were able to make a contribution to the cost, and when two of us visited India a little while later, we met the teachers and pupils, and saw the construction work in progress.

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With new buildings, the school has prospered and grown. Our partners in Darjeeling then

identified the need for a new Computer Centre in the school.


We were able to provide funds to help bring this project to fruition, to the considerable benefit of both pupils and teachers.


2019 update - a group from the UK visited Rohini school and were given a welcome normally reserved for royalty!


We saw how well the school was doing, both academically and socially - the staff and pupils can be very proud of their 


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